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manufacturing process for

local and international clients.

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Partner with creative minds and big thinkers to engineer and build revolutionized processes in all kinds of environments.

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Automation and process control is the next step for plants and factories to take their work to the next level. Automation increases productivity, throughput, and efficiency out on the production floor.

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State of the Art

Our technologies are modern and flexible, designed to work in almost any scenario.

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Whether you're in oil and gas or food services, we can provide professional and quality solutions for your automation and process-control needs.

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What we do...

We make your life easier.

We simplify your manufacturing process through automation and process control.

Process Control


Efficiency soars when processes can be carried out with reliability and Efficiency, from turn key plant Implementation, to a simple services call, and everything in-between. .

Tag and Trace


Know were your ingredient come form, what products there used in, and where they went.

Efficiency tacking


Tack you efficiency, with equipment hart beats and count how mush product is made. know when your equipment in ruuning and why its down every minut of the day.

Integrity and Reliability


Things rarely go wrong during the 8 to 5 hours, but when they do, you can count on HMI Automation to get your plant back up and running. Providing services when you need it.

Solutions from HMI Automation


Oil and Gas

Food and Beverages

Energy Management

Water and Waste

Solar Plants


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HMI Automation

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True Results

A fact worth a thousand words.

Many clients have seen major increases in productivity and resource efficiency by utilizing HMI Automation.


Automated process control and timing


Custom solutions,
proven to work
in any environment


Solid and professional
help and support to keep you online.


More productivity leads to faster shipments and happier customers.